Stress resilience and well-being: boosting the performance of the junior doctors

12.00 – 15.00 December 2nd, 2017  A7

Lukas Neimanas

Lukas Neimanas
Martynas Gedminas

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Department of Emergency medicine

A presentation about authors’ findings of studying junior doctors’ wellness and stress resilience will take place in the beginning, followed by short review of current guidelines and recommendations about boosting the performance of human beings in specific fields of practice.
Workshop members will engage in groups of 4-6 to identify the possible root causes of burnout syndrome expressions and other pitfalls in their training setting. They will be asked to come up with an evidence-based plan for sustainable changes in the culture of medical/residency that would lead to performance optimisation of the junior doctors in training.

Intended outcomes
Competence gained in the fields of heart rate variability, stress resilience and wellbeing.
Identification of possible root causes of pitfalls in medical/residency training.
Action plan for sustainable changes in the current culture of training of the participants.

Short communications & work in groups of 4-6 members.

Who should attend?
Coordinators of modules in undergraduate medical education, residency program directors and coordinators in graduate medical education, junior doctors and medical students.
Also, anyone interested in maintaining their health and boosting performance whilst working the hectic setting of contemporary medicine.