Patient education: involvement of residents

14.00 – 17.00 December 1st, 2017 A7

Auksė Domeikienė
Aušrinė Kontrimienė
Ida Liseckienė
Lina Jaruševičiėnė
Leonas Valius
Kristina Ziutelienė


Auksė Domeikienė
Aušrinė Kontrimienė


Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno klinikos, Lithuanian University of Health Science, Family medicine department


Patient education is a process which empowers individuals to make appropriate decisions that are related to their health and lifestyle. This process is an integral part of most medical specialities and vital for patient disease management outcomes. Residents should be actively involved in this process in order to better understand the importance of continuity of care for patients with chronic diseases,  their management and care. Residents are expected to provide competent and compassionate patient care, they should have a strong commitment to patient safety and be professional health care team members. Involvement in patient education process may improve the quality of resident preparation as a future doctor and their ability to provide a complete and holistic approach for the patient. This also adds to the improved communication skills and collaboration between patient and resident.

Intended outcomes

Participants will learn (1) knowledge  and skills required for educating patients about chronic disease management and their lifestyle changes; (2) methods of patient education and involvement of the resident doctors in the process.


Interactive seminar including  practical exercises.

Who should attend?

Resident trainers, residents and practicing physicians.