Let’s work together for a stimulating learning climate

12.00 – 15.00 December 2nd, 2017 A2

Lia Fluit, Tim Klaassen


Lia Fluit, Tim Klaassen


Radboud University Center Health Academy


Teaching in the clinical setting is challenging.  Creating a positive and effective learning climate is essential to maximizing the experience and education for learners and the teacher!

Research shows that organizations with a supportive learning climate deliver better health care and health services.  A department with a good learning climate is open to ideas of the people that work there, and learns from mistakes in a way that it leads to new solutions. But what is needed to create an open and safe learning climate? How can we work together to further improve our learning environment? During this workshop participants learn about the key elements of a good learning climate, and behaviors that contribute to a good learning climate. Participants discuss instruments (like EFFECT en DRECT) that can be used for measuring it.  Tips and tricks for creating a good learning climate will be formulated.

Intended outcomes

Participants will learn (1) what makes a good (evidence based) learning climate, and how it can be measured; (2) what behaviors of individuals contribute a good learning climate; (3) practical tips for creating a good learning climate within the department.


After a short interactive lecture about (research of) learning climate, participants will discuss key behaviors that can enhance the learning climate, and how it can be applied to their own situation. Instruments will be studied and their application in practice is discussed in small groups. By the end of the workshop participants appreciate  the importance of having a positive learning climate  and have practical tips for their own situation.