Leaving the toxic learning environment behind: building trust between teacher and student

14.00 – 17.00 December 1st, 2017 A8


Greta Beinaravičiūtė

Greta Beinaravičiūtė
Martynas Gedminas

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Academy of Medicine
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Department of Emergency medicine


A presentation about learning culture and experiences from exchange program in Taiwan will take place in the beginning, followed by group discussions on what could be improved in the current learning environments of the participants.

Workshop members will be introduced with a novel approach to identifying the root causes of toxic learning cultures and coming up with an action plan to address these. Participants are intended to leave with an action plan and competence to implement necessary changes in their current learning environments.

Intended outcomes
Competence gained dealing with toxic learning environments.
Action plan/framework for individual members to implement detrimental changes in current learning settings, focusing on building trust and communication between the faculty and the students.

Short communications & work in groups of 4-6 members.

Who should attend?
Coordinators of modules in undergraduate medical education, residency program directors and coordinators in graduate medical education, junior doctors and medical students.