Communicating bad news  to patients: an interactive workshops for health profesionals

12.00 – 15.00 December 2nd, 2017 A3

Radu G, Fontaine A

Radu G

Memorial University, St. Clare’s Hospital, St. John’s, Canada
Universite Lille, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lille, France

Delivering news that drastically and negatively alters patients’ view of their future is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks faced by a physician. Even though there is no perfect way of breaking bad news, there are ways of communicating that are more effective and less distressing than others, for both patients and physicians. This workshop will provide you with effective approaches to communicate bed news so that you can avoid the usual pitfalls that unnecessarily increase distress in those receiving the news, interfere with their understanding the news and decrease their satisfaction with the doctor patient relationship.

Intended outcome
This workshop will develop your communication skills focusing specifically on strategies for effective communication with patients and their families. The workshop is designed to provide you with specific knowledge and skills to give bad news with compassion.

The workshop will provide a patient centred approach to delivering bad news and will include brief interactive group activities aimed at understanding a six step method of communicating bad news and gaining insight into the usual barriers to effective communication.

Who should attend
This workshop is designed for physicians, medical students and other health professionals who are seeking to increase their knowledge and confidence in their ability to disclose unfavourable medical information to patients and their families.