Autonomous peer to peer simulation training with a remote instructor

14.00 – 17.00 December 1st, 2017 A6

Jasinskas N., Dambrauskas Ž., Dobožinskas P., Vaitkaitis D.

Jasinskas N, Dambrauskas Ž.

Department Disaster Medicine (1) and Department of Surgery (2), LSMU, Kaunas, Lithuania

Traditional face-to-face learning in medical simulation gradually replaced by the technology-enhanced simulation training which is associated with beneficial effects for outcomes in different domains of training. HybridLab is a fusion of distance learning and self-directed medical simulation that allows learners to train 24/7 at their work place without direct presence of the instructor and/or technician. Instructors assess course online.

Intended outcomes

LO 1: Participants will learn how to organize a self-directed peer-to-peer simulation session.

LO 2: Participants will learn how to provide feedback in the autonomous simulation sessions.

LO 3: Participants will learn what is the relevant learning content in the VLE.


In the form of role-playing the participants will run a self-directed simulated clinical skills session (i.e. primary survey, basic airway management or other relevant), will give instant feedback to the peers and will experience how a remotely working instructor guides the learning process, provides the feedback, formative and summative assessment. During an interactive lecture a relevant contextual information will be discussed.

Who should attend?

All who are involved in teaching the clinical skills and/or use medical simulation for educational purposes should attend the course.